dreads, old


just when i hit the clearing. fly into the fucking eye of the storm.

it shits on me. a huge. fucking. awful. world. of. shit.

it just never fucking stops. for real. i'm gunna sit here. in my underwears. listening to the pb&j. i'm gunna draw. i'm ...

going. far away. again.

i'm scared.



as usual, nothing new here.

my urges for southern movement is growing. atlanta? why not? after school. it would make me happy, to be in a place that is more a part of me.

i have had no hot water for over a week in my apartment. i've been using my parents shower. it was supposed to kick in today, the hot water ... but it hasn't. :|

things i will be buying: (one day)

the ol' bpal
cydwoq shoes, insane!

dreaming, i guess.
i WANT those shoes.

time to eat some sweeties drink some coffee, shower and gallop home.
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this is bad

a bad pain in my chest and head.

i wanna freak out.

i want to get exhausted.

i want to scream.

i want to fuck.

i want to cry out loud.

i want to rip my hair out.

i wanna snarl.

and bite.

i want to leave.

i want to make violent love.

i want to use my brain, hard.

and i want to SMILE ... like i am now.

its good. good stuff.

i am licking my lips.

closing my eyes.

yeah, thats how i feel right now. like blowing up, all in my brain.

new hair:

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i had to come out and say it, i'm just fucking sick of it.


they are the most non body flattering piece of shit clothing ... it makes your ASS LOOK LIKE SHIT. and in iowa city, every fucking overly tanned college girl wears them, and it makes me SICK! Look at this rubbish! JUST LOOK AT IT!!


one of the girls i work with wears these almost EVERY DAY. LO"QWGHROwhjf'[gry[0.
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i didn't like watching myself breathe.

sudden images of blood coming from my mouth. i wanted to taste it.

then sounds came from my room, and i stopped following. snapping.
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